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Are You In Need Of A Quality Primary Care Doctor in Brooklyn, NY? Look No Further!

MKR Medical PC is not only comprised of Brooklyn’s top cardiologists but also happens to have the best primary care physicians in all of Brooklyn, NY.

Our primary care physicians are specially trained to prevent, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of illnesses
or diseases affecting adults. If you are in need of a Primary Care Doctor in Brooklyn, our
top doctors and excellent staff here at MKR Medical PC are here to help you!

We offer the best Internal Medicine Physicians for residents of East Flatbush, Flatlands, Spring Creek, Kings Plaza, Mill Basin, and surrounding areas in Brooklyn, New York.

Primary Care East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York

Why We’re The Best

MKR Medical PC’s primary care physicians here in Brooklyn help adults stay healthy. We give our patients annual check-ups, and provide:

  • Early Detection
  • Unscheduled Sick Visits
  • Health & Medication Monitoring
  • Preventive Health Screenings
  • Special Health & Wellness Programs
  • Cancer prevention and screening

MKR Medical PC’s primary care team also assists in caring for the elderly as well as chronically ill patients in several long-term care facilities.

It’s important for adults, young and old, middle-aged or senior to have a primary care physician who can become familiar with you in a way many other primary care physicians simply can’t compare to!

Primary care physicians have a much broader understanding of your overall health and medical history that can help you down the line as you age and your body goes through different phases or changes.

Don’t Settle For “Just Okay” Primary Care Doctors

We are lucky to live in amazing modern times, and in one of the most advanced regions of the country in terms of modern medicine or medical techniques are concerned. There are a number of amazingly qualified Primary Care Doctors out there who do amazing work with their patients. At MKR Medical PC, however, we know our patients. We know our area; we know we’re the best Primary Care Doctors for the residents of Canarsie, East New York, Marine Park, Georgetown, and neighboring areas in Brooklyn NY because we never stop trying to give our patients better care each visit. We are constantly on the lookout for the newest techniques and technology to help improve the health and wellbeing of our patients. Our goal is to provide the best treatment possible to anyone and everyone who enters our doors. At MKR Medical PC, we won’t settle for being “just okay.” We want to be the best of the best!

Are You Ready To Get Yourself The Best Care Possible? Call MKR Medical PC’s Primary Care Doctors in Brooklyn Today!

One of the biggest benefits to choosing MKR Medical PC as your primary care doctor here in Brooklyn is our constant attention to detail we provide to each and every one of our patients. You can never anticipate a sudden illness or another ailment or issue that affects your health and forces you to put your life on hold temporarily. Thankfully, the experts here at MKR Medical PC are highly experienced, and adept at properly coordinating the care you receive from other doctors or specialists while you are in our care. We will never let you go through anything alone. At MKR Medical PC, “we’ll always be there for you!”


In addition to primary care, MKR Medical PC’s expert clinical team of physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and highly skilled support staff expertly provides a full spectrum of services for patients coming from Gerritsen Beach, Bergen Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and neighboring areas in Brooklyn, NY. We focus on the individual as a whole instead of just a single organ or disease.

Our Primary Care Doctors Provide:

  • Physical and wellness exams
  • Healthy lifestyle management including smoking cessation, heart disease prevention and weight management
  • Management of a wide range of complex, acute and chronic medical conditions
  • Women’s health and wellness services
  • Preventive screenings
  • Cancer prevention and screening
  • Referrals to specialists for further diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Comprehensive travel-related services including physicals and vaccinations

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