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Unhealthy lifestyle choices can result in chronic diseases, and increase your risk of developing cardiovascular problems. Therefore, it is recommended for older adults to exercise, change their lifestyle, and get a cardiology evaluation regularly to diagnose and prevent heart diseases. At MKR Medical PC, we have Brooklyn’s top cardiologists to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients with high cardiac risks with advanced technology and medical resources.

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A cardiology evaluation can help our vascular doctors detect any symptoms that can lead to coronary diseases in the future. If these conditions are treated at an early stage, it can reduce the chances of stroke significantly. Therefore, it is best to consider getting a cardiology assessment from primary care specialists at MKR Medical PC to minimize your health risks. Our expert cardiologists have extensive experience in diagnosing, preventing, and treating all types of cardiac diseases and providing comprehensive primary care. Our highly experienced cardiologists and primary care physicians deliver the best cardiac care for patients from Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY, and neighboring areas with heart disease and those who have undergone cardiac procedures. We offer specialized care for patients with severe high-risk cardiac conditions, such as heart attack, congestive heart failure, and unstable angina.

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MKR Medical PC provides a range of quality cardiology testing and treatment resources for people from Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY with cardiovascular disease and those looking to keep their hearts healthy. Our facilities are sufficiently equipped with the latest and most advanced technology to assess heart conditions and detect any heart disease. Our expert Cardiologists have years of experience and a track record of performing successful emergency life-saving cardiac procedures.

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