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Looking For Dependable Podiatry Services in Brooklyn, NY?

The human foot is an intricate structure formed of numerous bones, tendons, and ligaments. This complex network of components is what keeps you in motion. Therefore, maintaining healthy feet involves meticulous care and cleanliness. If you have any concerns about your feet, board-certified podiatry doctors will provide you with the best podiatry services. Whether it’s something new or something that’s been bothering you for a while, like diabetic foot disease, consulting a podiatrist can help you with any foot or lower limb problem.

We’re thrilled to bring all new cutting-edge podiatry services to New Yorkers in addition to already available primary care, cardiology, and internal medicine care that we’ve been offering for years. Our board-certified podiatrist’s team is specialized in treating plantar fasciitis, heel discomfort, blisters, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, gnarly toenails, athlete’s foot, and many other conditions of the foot and ankle. So if you are experiencing any of these foot problems or foot pain, schedule your appointment with the best family foot care specialists in Brooklyn, New York.

Podiatry Services in Brooklyn, NY


Patients from all around New York rely on the primary care and walk-in clinical services of MKR Medical. We strive to offer the greatest health services at our advanced foot care clinic in Brooklyn, backed by a state-of-the-art facility and highly qualified medical staff, so patients can trust us for a wide range of primary foot care needs.
The following are just some of the services that our skilled Podiatry staff is committed to providing:

  • Quick consultation, diagnoses, and preventive care for foot problems
  • Exceptional toenail cleaning services at a reasonable price
  • Routine monitoring of foot problems
  • Evaluation of foot problems in diabetic patients
  • Specialized treatment for diabetic foot problems
  • Educating patients about foot care wellness and disease prevention
  • Emergency treatment for foot pain
  • Walk-ins accepted for Podiatric Services In New York

Best Family Foot Care Clinic in Brooklyn!

We deal with various toenail issues and other foot conditions. We offer the best foot care and toenail cleaning services in Brooklyn, treating anything from thickened ingrown toenails to fungus, corns, and calluses. When treating patients, our experienced family foot care specialists at MKR Medical use cutting-edge procedures and equipment to assure favorable outcomes and the restoration of ideal foot health.

So, when you look for the best foot clinic in Brooklyn? Look no further, and book your appointment with our family foot care specialist today!

Are you diabetic and experiencing foot complications?

The biggest concern of diabetic patients is to get the best foot care treatment possible. At MKR Medical PC, our specialists pay attention to every detail of foot problems. Our team of experienced Podiatry Doctors in New York uses a personalized approach and advanced technologies while devising the best foot care treatment plan for each patient. If needed, they can coordinate with our specialized team of Cardiologists, Internal Medicine, and Primary Care physicians to ensure you get the best possible treatment.

If searching for a dependable Podiatry Clinic offering the best foot care services in Brooklyn? MKR Medical is a one-stop solution for all your primary foot care needs! We have New York’s best foot care specialists available at our Podiatry Clinic every Thursday. For quick consultation with the best Podiatrists in NYC, Contact us now!

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