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If you have heart disease or suffer from high blood pressure or cholesterol, you might be at a greater risk of a heart attack.

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Patients with heart or chronic health conditions need regular screening and physical examinations to prevent cardiovascular disease. At MKR Medical PC, we consist of Brooklyn’s top cardiologists who will help you assess the health risks and develop a personalized plan for prevention. Our preventive cardiology team works collaboratively with primary care physicians to provide the best healthcare services for patients from Kings Plaza, Brooklyn, NY, and neighboring areas.

There are many risk factors associated with age, gender, and ethnicity which can cause heart conditions over time. These factors must be considered for reducing heart risks. This is why our expert cardiology team at MKR Medical PC will consider these factors while conducting your physical examination. Our cardiology experts will perform the required tests after a consultation. This will give our physicians a better idea of your heart health and allow them to develop an effective personalized prevention plan.

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If you are looking to improve your heart health and minimize heart risks, MKR Medical PC experts are your best choice. We provide quality primary care and cardiology testing and treatment for patients with various health and cardiovascular conditions. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to conduct the necessary testing, provide treatment, and required support for patients from Kings Plaza, Brooklyn, NY.

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