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If you suffer from any chronic illness, recurring health problems, or cardiac condition, you will need a comprehensive treatment plan that considers all these factors and improves your overall health. At MKR Medical PC, we have a specialized team of East New York, Brooklyn, NY’s top Cardiologists, Primary Care Doctors, and Internal Medicine Specialists who work together to create personalized treatment plans for each patient. Our facilities are fully equipped with advanced equipment for a range of testings – from standard X-rays to Echocardiograms. Our experts will help you maintain optimum health with our preventive care solutions.

At MKR Medical PC, our team specializes in detecting and diagnosing any early symptoms of diseases that may lead to coronary diseases or chronic illnesses in the future. Our specialists create a comprehensive plan to assist patients in making the required changes in their lifestyle to prevent disease progression and avoid any potential major illnesses. If you are concerned about your health and want to reduce the chances of a stroke or potential health issues, take proactive steps by consulting with our healthcare specialists. It is recommended for older adults to get a cardiology evaluation regularly to ensure diagnosis and prevention of potential heart diseases.

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MKR Medical PC is well-known for providing the best cardiology, primary care, and internal medicine services for the residents of East New York, Brooklyn, NY and neighboring areas. Our facilities are equipped to offer a range of quality cardiology testing and treatment resources for people with chronic and cardiovascular disease and those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our expert Cardiologists boast extensive experience in treating hundreds of patients successfully with emergency life-saving procedures. So, if you are looking to get expert medical assistance, you can always rely on our best Cardiology, Primary Care, and Internal Medicine Specialists.

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