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About Holter Monitor / Loop Recorder

A Holter monitor (or ambulatory electrocardiogram) is a device that continuously records the heart’s rhythm while an individual goes about his/her daily activities. The device is programmed to record the heart rhythm for a set period of time, usually 24 or 48 hours. Small adhesive patches that detect heart rhythms are placed on the chest. These are connected to the monitor using wires.

While a Holter monitor is not a comfortable device to wear, it provides your vascular doctor in Brooklyn with critical information regarding the functioning of your heart. Some of the reasons for which you may need you to wear a Holter monitor include:

Holter Monitor / Loop Recorder Brooklyn, NY
  • To detect irregular heart beats
  • To diagnose any heart attacks that may have occurred in the past
  • To identify poor blood flow to the heart muscle
  • To examine the response of the heart to a pacemaker
  • To determine the effectiveness of medications
  • To determine the cause of chest pains, breathlessness and dizziness

When undergoing the test, you need to carry on with your daily activities as normal. This means that you may continue to eat and drink before and during the test. Since the monitor needs to be kept dry, you will however not be able to shower/bathe until the test is over and the monitor is removed.

Wearing a loose fitting shirt or blouse will allow for easier placement of the electrodes on the chest. If there is any hair on the area where the electrodes need to be placed, it will be shaved off for accurate readings. The electrodes will be placed by your Brooklyn Cardiologist and you will wear the monitor in a pouch that may be placed around your neck, waist or shoulder. Depending upon what your vascular doctor in Brooklyn is trying to determine, you will be asked to make a record of various activities such as the amount, time and type of exercise, the timing of any medications etc.

Remember never to disconnect the monitor while it is being used for recordings. When you return the monitor to your heart doctor in Brooklyn, he/she will analyze the report generated and based upon the results discuss the next step with you.

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