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    Why Us?

    Brooklyn Heart Experts specializes in the management of the full spectrum of cardiovascular diseases.

    Dr. Marc Rybstein, who trained at Winthrop University Hospital, Clinical Campus of Stony Brook University School of Medicine on Brooklyn, is our Medical Director and is an expert not only in the field of cardiology but also in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. He specializes in managing coronary artery disease, valvular heart diseases, and arrhythmias. He also addresses preventive cardiology care including controlling hypertension and high cholesterol. As true primary prevention includes programs that involve diet, exercise, and life style choices, Dr. Rybstein and his staff also provide counseling such as cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients make healthy adjustments in their daily lives.

    Besides cardiology services, we are vascular experts and specifically screen and address diseases of the vascular system. These include and are not limited to diseases of the aorta, renal arteries and peripheral arterial systems.

    We are proud to specialize in venous disease as well. Treatment of the spectrum of venous diseases takes place in our office in a spa like atmosphere. We take patients through the diagnosis stage to the treatment stage using the latest technology. Our techniques come from years of experience in the field and knowledge of the most up to date technology and literature.

    Also on our team is a seasoned and registered vascular technologist (RVT). As the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease often includes ultrasonographic imaging, having an expert in the field of sonography is crucial to providing world class patient care. Our RVT has over 20 years of experience in the field of sonography and is a nationally recognized expert. He has trained with leaders in the field of vascular diseases and has been educating sonographers and cardiovascular physicians in training for over the past decade. He has also lectured at national conferences such as the Miami Congress. Together with Dr. Rybstein, he helps provide world class cardiovascular care including the diagnosis and management of venous disease.